Melbourne Parish Council

Parish Council Grants

The Parish Council invites grant applications from any appropriate groups working in the wider interests of the Parish. Please note that the council can only award grants using certain legal powers and has no power to make grants to a single individual or commercial enterprise.

The Council aims to ensure that public funds are used in ways that benefit groups or organizations in Melbourne parish.

Applying for a grant

As a general rule, local organisations are eligible to make ONE application each financial year (April - March).

Applications for grants should be made for consideration at the November meeting of the Parish Council. This meeting is held on the second Monday of the month each year.

Applications should, therefore, be made to the Clerk no later than 1 November of each year. Late applications may not be considered.

The Parish Council may accept applications outside the November meeting, but only in exceptional circumstances.

Grant application forms can be obtained on this page or paper copies can be obtained from the Parish Clerk. Please also return any completed forms to the Clerk at the postal or email address below.

Jane Stewart
Parish Clerk
Melbourne Parish Council
Damson Cottage
South End
Seaton Ross
YO42 4LZ

If you need any further information, please contact the Parish Clerk:
Tel: 07557 345 204 or email at

Grant application form (pdf)

Grant application form (word)